to what our clients need. Applying specialized team experience to the unique challenges of specific business categories.


what we hear into design that bolsters a client's efficiency. Enhances their image. Brings their vision to life.


every step of the way, with our partners directly involved from start to finish. Making the process smoother.


interiors that work.

Since 1985, BR Design has been developing award-winning interior design solutions for a wide range of corporate clients in Financial, Advertising, Legal, and Entertainment industries. We have an extremely talented professional staff comprised of experienced architects and interior designers with our corporate headquarters located in Midtown Manhattan. We have been able to service our clients through a network of strategic alliances in major cities nationally and abroad.

BR Design offers a full range of services covering all phases of interior architectural design. Each of our services is customized to your specific needs and requirements, and all services are implemented in a manner that both complements and leverages your in-house capabilities. As a result, projects proceed quickly and smoothly, from initial concept to completion.