1370 broadway

New York, NY

The tenants of 1370 Broadway, a 16-story, 279,533-square-foot office building in midtown Manhattan’s Times Square South neighborhood, recently discovered an urban oasis directly above their heads: a stylish, contemporary, 3,200-square-foot rooftop lounge designed by BR Design. The project is part of a capital improvement program by the landlord that has brought a new lobby and building entrance, modernized elevator cabs and new freight elevator, and new bathrooms and common corridors to a structure built in 1922. A rooftop lounge has become a prized amenity for office tenants nationwide, in sharp contrast to the traditional view of rooftop real estate as a no-man’s land for chimneys, water tanks, antennas and HVAC equipment. To make the lounge a reality, BR Design reconfigured the roof, relocating rooftop air conditioning units and designing an open space featuring a variety of seating areas, a serving counter for food and drink, and a dramatic promenade overlooking midtown Manhattan. Using attractive but durable materials, including metal, wood, paving stones, outdoor furniture and architectural lighting fixtures— while skillfully concealing a skylight by enclosing it within a planter bordered by banquette seating—BR Design has given 1370 Broadway tenants an inspired way to escape the office without leaving it.