BR Design’s Philosophy

A look at the modern office

A benefit of working in an office is collaboration with colleagues. The office is reinventing itself into a community hub with activities, both professional and social. Transitioning from remote to in-office work will require a hybrid model that includes the benefits of both atmospheres. Not every new strategy will work for every company, but what we are sure of is that continued emphasis on design customization will be critical to encouraging work in the office. It cannot be stressed enough how important technology has become in the workplace and how integrated with design it must be. This is a key that every design firm must thoroughly understand, embrace and use as an integral part of all interiors.

A Healthy Workplace

Recommended modifications that will help make the office space healthier

Biophilic design

  • Access to natural light
  • Introduce plants & greenery to naturally purify the air


  • Bring the outdoors inside
  • Amenity spaces for mental health

Smart Spaces

  • Introduce fully automated touch-free control systems for lighting, doors, plumbing fixtures, appliances, av and it equipment

Environmental Graphic Design

  • Emphasize wayfinding and new social practices through thoughtful design and materials


  • In lieu of benching, explore private workstations
  • If benching is required, provide at least 6’-0” x 2’-6” wide desking with privacy panels
  • Explore larger workstations with privacy paneling
  • Implement freestanding furniture enclosures in lieu of solid partitions to allow air flow

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