Brunello Cucinelli

New York, NY

About the project


High-end clothing, footwear and accessories by Italian fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli are prized for their contemporary style, luxurious materials and meticulous craftsmanship. So visitors to the new, 12,000-square-foot New York showroom will be pleased to immerse themselves in an environment, created by BR Design, that embraces the brand’s design philosophy. The facility resembles a modern, upscale hotel, with large individual client zones equipped for semi-private and exclusive gatherings within a continuous spatial environment. What makes this paradox succeed is the skillful use of a floating centerpiece fireplace, luminous display millwork, and jewel-like metal and glass partitions to establish porous boundaries. Every detail counts, from costly veneers, flawless Italian millwork, and fine hardwood flooring to precision metal and glass components, sleek modern furnishings and sophisticated lighting. This commitment to high quality should not surprise the fashion industry. Cucilnelli describes his enterprise as an embodiment of “humanistic capitalism” and “human sustainability.” Based in Solomeo, a hamlet in Umbria, a region noted for its medieval hill towns, dense forests and local cuisine, the designer pays workers generously, donates 20 percent of profits to charity, and devotes time and personal resources to restoring historic Solomeo. His New York showroom reflects his work perfectly.