New York, New York

Launched in 2014 to generate imaginative food content for a diverse and appreciative audience of 86 million consumers from award-winning traditional and digital media brands–Bon Appétit,, The Farm, FIG Influencers Network, Healthy-ish, Basic and City Guides–the Food Innovation Group (F.I.G.) of Condé Nast has also been a success to major food industry advertisers looking for impact through advertising network buys. To give F.I.G. personnel state-of-the-art offices, test and shoot kitchens, BR Design inserted state-of-the art engineering systems, contemporary office space and three shoot kitchens, each configured with its own aesthetics to support a different editorial theme, within the shell of a structure in Brooklyn’s Industry City, a 35-acre complex of industrial buildings dating from 1907, without concealing the raw space’s original character. The contrast between modern electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems components and the building’s century-old concrete floors, columns and ceilings, steel factory windows and time-worn wood strip flooring gave this media laboratory for food preparation a vibrant and decidedly edgy character that was perfectly suited to F.I.G.’s staff and operations. Like the stream of delicious food content that F.I.G. produced, the F.I.G. workspace offered fresh proof that creative cooking combines new tastes with traditional cuisine and timeless ingredients.