Daily pay

New York, NY

About the project

DailyPay’s workforce in Manhattan’s Financial District occupies a spacious, airy, and inviting modern office on two 130,000-square-foot floors that comprise private offices, open workstations, conference rooms and a variety of amenities, including lounges, pantries and game rooms. Created by BR Design, the workspace builds upon the brand colors of the financial technology company—DailyPay provides payroll services such as “earned
wage access” that allows users to receive 100 percent of their earned but unpaid income— to produce a stylish and distinctive setting for some 600 employees. It’s an impressive transformation of an existing facility that BR Design
modified for a thoroughly different tenant and business operation. Taking into consideration such key management issues as job functions, privacy, and departmental organization, the design team strove to exploit the existing construction as much as possible, thereby reducing costs and minimizing disruption, while introducing alterations and new elements specific to the daily activities and corporate culture of DailyPay, interventions that would give the facility a more personalized and effective space. The design’s use of standard construction materials and modern
furnishings has given a business founded in 2015 that currently manages over $2 billion in earnings for millions of employees an affordable, first-class environment.