New York, NY

about the project

How do you instill excitement in the marketing of a product that is large, immobile and likely to outlast any customer? That the real estate business has come a long way in the digital age is demonstrated daily at
Neoscape, a real estate marketing agency founded in 1995 with offices in New York and Boston. Clients visiting Neoscape’s new office in New York’s Garment District, designed by BR Design Associates, will immediately appreciate the impact that 3D illustrations, branding and design, Web and interactive communications, virtual reality and film can have on real estate. In a one-floor, 6,200-square foot facility for 30 employees– comprising an open plan office, semi-private offices, conference rooms, reception area, lounge, pantry and restrooms, Neoscape uses cutting-edge technologies and strategies to create branded experiences that clients never thought possible. The space features white walls and ceilings, such raw materials as reclaimed wood, black-painted steel, concrete floors and exposed ductwork, to enhance the loft style, craft based aesthetic desired by Neoscape. The space clearly supports employees working with monitors at their workstations. Yet there are also numerous appealing alternative venues where interaction and collaboration are encouraged. For staff and clientele alike, it’s a great place to watch the future of real estate marketing emerge.