winklevoss capital

New York, New York

about the project

Where start-up enterprises begin their precarious infancy is no mystery to the venture capitalists financing them to find the Next Big Thing. So when Winklevoss Capital Management, founded by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, retain BR Design to help create a one-floor, 5,000-square-foot office for 30- plus people in New York’s Flatiron District, they decisively addressed the issue. As Tyler Winklevoss told The New York Times, “We recognize in New York there’s difficulty in bridging that gap between working in Starbucks or your living room and actually having the money to get your own space.” The new, contemporary facility, comprising an open office with bench-style workstations, large conference room, small conference (“huddle”) rooms, pantry/meeting area and DJ booth/ bar as well as private offices for the Winklevosses, functions as an “incubator.” Here, start-ups in the company portfolio can grow before investing in their own offices. Featuring exposed ceilings and building systems, open workstations, glass partitions, industrial lighting, carpet tile and wood floors the high-tech space deliberately resists being all work and no play. Playful touches include a refined, white-and-gray color palette spiked with pink, an array of classic modern furnishings, iPad-driven
environmental controls, and the DJ booth/bar, which brings after-hours events to life for staff and visitors.