Written by: Tatiana Rampersaud

From shifts in the way we interact with others to incoming technologies which eclipse those of years past, today’s workplace presents us with an ever-changing landscape. Certain alterations to our lifestyles are inevitable with time, but architecture is not one of them. Let us recall exquisite structures built by those centuries before us, as well as facilities of our day and age, both of which attract millions of travelers annually. Countless people are captivated by the artistry of the places we reside, confirming the significance of this craft. We understand the momentousness of curating such spaces, which is why we embed the identity, purpose, and dreams of our clientele into their interiors.

Modernist American architect Philip Johnson, creator of the Glass House, once stated that “all architects want to live beyond their deaths.” With this, he communicates the intention of all architecture and design, which is to create brilliantly, withstanding the test of time itself. Architecture is the characterizer of eras, indicator of culture, and facilitator of human interaction.

Great artists thread inspiration into their own masterpieces, as no art is crafted within a void. We take note of those who inspire us and pay tribute to those who made us fall in love with the subject to begin with. Our team combines the peaks of both past and present, studying the works around us, in an effort to bring your visions to life with timeless, magnificent BR designs.